About us

Orbit Couplings the pipe connection joiner assembled in Australia.

The Orbit Couplings brand of mechanical pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp was established in 2015 to meet the demands in the Australian pipeline industry for a lower cost and higher quality pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp.

Coupling approvals include ISO 9001, WRAS and more.

The benefits of buying Orbit pipe couplings as an Australian are extensive, some are stated below:

  1. A shorter manufacturing time, if a pipe coupling or pipe repair clamp is not in stock, production time can be as short as a working week.
  2. A lower purchasing cost for a higher quality pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp. We are known to be up to 50% cheaper than an alternative brand of coupling. Our stainless steel bolts come teflon coated as standard on our products.
  3. Help with sustaining Australian branded products.
  4. Specifically for Australian customers therefore can better service the market. Now there is no need to wait up to 1 month for a European manufacturer to supply.
  5. Achieve savings in labour time and financial costs compared with other types and styles of pipe couplings and connections.

Orbit pipe couplings are available in a large range of marine grade 316 stainless steel (W5) pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp models, and can be used in all industries specific to the use of pipelines. Such as the shipping/offshore industry, mining, waste water, oil and gas, construction, cabling, process factories, automation systems and more.

Orbit Couplings are well on the way to becoming the best and most popular pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp in Australia.

Servicing customers with the requirement for pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps in Perth and Western Australia, Adelaide and South Australia, Melbourne and Victoria, Canberra and Australia capital territory, Sydney and New South Wales, Hobart and Tasmania, Brisbane and Queensland, Darwin and the Northern Territory.

ORBIT COUPLINGS will connect, join and repair pipe from size 15mm to 5000mm diameter with a maximum pressure rating of up to 67 Bar depending on the size and with media temperature ranges of up to 350 degress celcius.

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